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Off-Season Maintenance: Part 8 – Drive Shaft


A drive shaft is a critical component in any automobile including your race car. Responsible for delivering all of an engine’s power output through the vehicle to a differential, the drive shaft takes an enormous beating each and every time you hit the throttle. Unfortunately, a drive shaft is one of the most overlooked items on a vehicle when it comes to maintenance.

In a high-horsepower race car, a drive shaft is a consumable product. Due to the unfathomable stress it endures during a race season, a drive shaft has a lifespan just like pistons, rods, tires, or any other moving part. Because of this, your entire driveline including the drive shaft, u-joints and yokes should be checked regularly for inconsistencies and wear. With some applications, a drive shaft should be replaced at the end of each season whether or not it has any visible wear.

The benefits of maintaining or replacing a drive shaft far outweigh the devastating cost of repair and safety hazards involved when a piece of your driveline detonates at high speed.

This video will explain basic procedures and tests that can be performed for routine maintenance of a drive shaft and other driveline components.

The DRA Off-Season Maintenance Series takes a detailed look at what items to inspect and address on your race car when the drag racing season comes to a close. By properly maintaining your vehicle during the off-season, you will be better prepared and able to campaign a highly competitive vehicle when racing resumes. In addition, you will prevent general fatigue and wear and tear from turning into catastrophic failures that could turn into costly repairs for you vehicle.

Off-Season Maintenance Series:

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  • Part 2 – Front Suspension, Brakes & Tires
  • Part 3 – Steering
  • Part 4 – Fuel System
  • Part 5 – Rear Housing & Brakes
  • Part 6 – Rear Suspension & Rod Ends
  • Part 7 – Shocks
  • Part 8 – Drive Shaft

  • Part 9 – Cables & Linkage
  • Part 10 – Safety Equipment
  • Part 11 – Batteries
  • Part 12 – Body Repair


Chrome-Moly Drive Shaft
Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft
1350 u-joint
Slip Yokes