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Racepak Driveshaft RPM Programming


There’s a common misconception that a data logger is a highly intelligent device. The truth of the matter is that a data logger only knows what we tell it to do. Because of this, if changes are made to your sensors or hardware, the Racepak software will often need to be reconfigured to acknowledge the change. Luckily, programming your Racepak is very simple.

The standard Racepak driveshaft RPM collar uses two magnets which the software is programmed to read. Every time two magnets cross in front of the pick-up sensor, it acknowledges this as one rotation of the driveshaft.

If you upgrade for higher resolution to a 8-magnet driveshaft collar, the Racepak unit will need to be reprogrammed. If left alone, it would record four drive shaft rotations for every single rotation because of the added magnets.

Racepak driveshaft RPM programming can be done in a matter of minutes as shown in this video.